Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia: Whole-school training materials and resources for Sencos

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Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia is a complete training and resource pack to help SENCOs support pupils with dyslexia to reach their full potential, and enable their colleagues to do the same. It offers a huge range of practical materials they can use to inform their own practice and to lead and support the professional development of colleagues in their school.

The package offers planning and review sheets, presentations for training, checklists, case studies, pen pictures, professional development activities and proformas for self-review, reflection and discussion to give SENCOs all the tools they need to review current practice and plan for development.

Sample material
Presentation - Understanding dyslexia
Dyslexia-friendly audit tool for text-based resources
Waves of intervention chart
CPD activity - case-study discussion
Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia will support SENCOs to:

Increase understanding and awareness of dyslexia and the importance of nurturing pupils’ self-esteem
Review current practice using a developmental format that encourages self-review, reflection and discussion
Devise a plan for change and development to create inclusive practice that enhances provision
Enable reflective, strategic managerial and classroom practice
Identify individual pupil strengths and weaknesses and plan a focused programme of teaching and support
Initiate programmes that monitor pupil progress and lead colleagues in managing interventions
Plan training initiatives that continually develop staff skills, knowledge and confidence
Establish strong links with parents to form partnerships that support children
Help children to become independent in managing their dyslexia with early identification and effective provision.

Summary of contents
Each chapter contains training resources that support a problem-solving approach for collaborative professional development and staff training. The resources are designed to aid reflective school development in a range of contexts and can be used as a complete programme or to cover specific issues, for team approaches and for individual development.

Enhance understanding of dyslexia and aid early identification
Review, monitor and evaluate current practice
Plan for change and development that enhances provision
Enable reflective managerial and classroom practice
Session Breakdown
Chapter 1 – What is dyslexia?
What is dyslexia?
The impact of dyslexia on the learner and their family
The differences in individual profiles of strengths and weaknesses associated with dyslexia and their impact on learning
Definitions of dyslexia
Theories relating to the causation of dyslexia
Dyslexia – the positives
Chapter 2 – Identification and assessment of dyslexia
Early indicators of dyslexia
Formal identification and assessment of dyslexia
Informal assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses, to inform an individualised programme of support
Chapter 3 – The child in context – school, home and community
A case study on ‘adam’ (year 8) with an associated activity which is designed to extend the SENCo’s own underpinning knowledge of dyslexia
The pupil with dyslexia at school and the importance of creating a positive environment
A series of activities based around the issues and opportunities associated with creating a positive school environment for pupils who have dyslexia
Creating ‘dyslexia-friendly’ resource boxes for the classroom
The child with dyslexia at home and the importance of creating a positive environment (’Baldip’s story’)
An activity based on the issues and opportunities associated with creating a positive home environment/effective home–school links for pupils who have dyslexia
A final thought on ‘community’ and the adult with dyslexia
Chapter 4 – Planning and evaluating provision for dyslexia
Waves of intervention and an introduction to provision mapping
Costing the provision map in terms of both time and money
The steps required to create a provision map
Additional resources for planning provision for pupils with literacy difficulties/dyslexia
Chapter 5 – Supporting professional development in dyslexia
Specific areas of SENCO leadership in supporting the professional development of colleagues
Different training and professional development formats
SENCO self-review
Planning for professional development of colleagues
Chapter 6 – Developing a whole school inclusive approach to dyslexia
Reviewing whole-school inclusive approaches to dyslexia
The dyslexia-inclusive classroom
Celebrating success
Each chapter contains training materials that can be used to support:

Better understanding of dyslexia
Discussion and debate on a range of interlinked themes related to SEN policy and provision
Review, monitoring and evaluation of relevant aspects of practice
Planning for change and development
Reflective strategic, managerial and classroom practices
The raising of awareness and building of confidence in planning for inclusive practice

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