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Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom will help teachers to apply thinking skills strategies to maths, literacy and science. More than 60 exciting games and activities with accompanying resources.

Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom will help you to:

raise standards and end of key stage test results
increase pupil confidence and self-esteem
equip children with life-long information processing skills
enable reflection, encourage discussion and integrate metacognition
create a positive learning environment
Chapter breakdown
Levels of use

Chapter 1 – Teaching thinking skills
Using the lesson plans
The thinking skills defined
The thinking skills classroom
Adapting the activities and creating your own plans

Chapter 2 – Maths
Foundation Stage 2: Shape dominoes, Shape pictures, Spotty numbers!
Years 1-6: What number am I?
Year 1: Days and months, Find the right one, Ordering weights
Years 2 and 3: Find the difference game
Year 3: Apples and oranges, Make a game
Year 4: Compass points, Number ladders, Order it!
Year 5: Are you obtuse?, Maths stories, Times tables
Year 6: Calculator count-up, Beat the timer, Make me in 3D!, Sort that data!, What’s my angle?

Chapter 3 – Literacy
Foundation Stage 2: Alphabet circle, Key word games
Year 1: Circle stories – retelling, Speedy spinner words, Story mountain
Year 2: Compounds/Little word detectives, Living graph: three little pigs, Remember that sentence!
Year 3: Ace adjectives, Story settings, What’s the feeling?, Prefixes and suffixes
Year 4: Chopped-up limericks, Describe a character/scene
Year 5: Sort those words!, What’s the story?, Grid stories
Year 6: Genre sorting, Letter grids

Chapter 4 – Science
Year 1: Matching pairs, Ordering game, Sort it out!, Light sources, Simple forces
Year 2: Healthy foods, Plant and animal life cycles, Plant and animal variation, Pairing and sorting materials, Push pull, Make a circuit
Year 3: Helping plants grow well, Materials – a paper nail!, Material dominoes, Rocks card game
Year 4: Food chain game, Hot and cold, Solids and liquids
Year 5: Pulse rates and calories, A healthy lifestyle
Year 6: Minibeasts, Reversible and irreversible changes, Floating and sinking, Science revision game

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