Teaching Kids to Thrive: Essential Skills for Success

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ISBN: 9781506326931
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Teaching Kids to Thrive explores the key elements of learning that go far beyond subject matter knowledge and academic skill measurement.

The book covers what it takes to help students --all students-- move beyond merely coping and surviving. The authors aim to teach students how to thrive and how to navigate successfully whatever the future holds for them. The authors explore teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) skills as dispositions toward lifelong success. After reading this book, teachers will be more able to: Use mindfulness strategies. Help students build upon their existing ability to self-regulate and motivate themselves. Guide students in developing their growth mindsets Cultivate an attitude and culture of perseverance in the classroom. Incorporate resilience practices into everyday lesson planning and interactions. Help students internalize how they can be responsible students and citizens. Demonstrate how honesty and integrity can help build stronger relationships and foster a community of support and empathy. Use the strategies, tips, guidelines, stories, reflections, and inspiration from this book to ensure that students excel not only in their academic skills, but also in their Thrive skills, which lay the foundation
for a healthy, whole, centered, and grounded young adulthood.

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Pub Date 2017-07
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