The A* Toolkit: A step by step programme to maximise exam success

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Raise achievement by developing the academic skills, self-confidence and aspirations of potential high achievers

Too many pupils fail to achieve their potential, not through lack of ability, but because they lack the motivation, drive and ambition to succeed in school and fail to make the link between their day to day learning and their future lives.

The A-Star Toolkit is designed to help you increase the numbers of students achieving A* grades at Key Stage 4, and prepare them for study at Key Stage 5 and beyond, by developing academic study skills, increasing students’ self-awareness and self-regulation, improving their aspirations and helping them link learning now to their future adult life.

Sample material
Sample student reflective learning log
Curriculum mapping tool
10 characteristics of successful learners
Programme evaluation self review and next steps
This training resource offers a complete intervention programme that enables schools to challenge low student aspirations and help students develop the skills and attributes required for academic success.

This unique resource will:

Raise academic achievement of target groups by developing higher level study and thinking skills
Help students prepare for their future by teaching them to link school learning to the world of work and university study
Improve whole school performance by embedding practice that has had the greatest impact on target students to support everyone
Raise the level of challenge in all lessons by applying the skills and strategies developed in the intervention to classroom and curriculum planning
Overcome barriers to getting crucial support from parents by showing teachers how to engage, inform and support parents to encourage their child’s learning
Give staff the key to A/A* success with CPD units that develop staff skills, knowledge and understanding of important aspects of their students’ learning.

Summary of contents
The A-Star Toolkit includes 3 workshops and 3 enquiries that cover four linked pathways for schools to use with students, their teachers and their parents.

The Student Pathway is at the heart of the toolkit and comprises weekly sessions designed to build student skills and aspirations
The Teaching & Learning Pathway provides development opportunities for staff to link the skills learnt on the student pathway to the curriculum
The Strategic Leadership Pathway shows you how to use learning from the intervention for whole school improvement
The Parent Pathway helps to engage parents in their child’s learning
Session Breakdown
Workshop 1 - Why am I on this programme?
Students reflect on characteristics as learners and how they can develop
Teachers develop their understanding of potential high achievers
Workshop 2 - What is an A/A* student like?
Students learn about key qualities and attributes for academic success
Teachers are provided with materials to make the link to the classroom
Parents are provided with discussion points to make the link at home
Workshop 3 – Develop the skills of a high achiever
Students learn specific study skills and tools to improve their thinking
Students learn to work independently to produce relevant outcomes
Teachers develop subject study guides for A/A*
Parents are provided with tasks and resources to help them give support
Enquiry 1 - The benefits and rewards of academic success – a look at the world of work and careers
Students use the Thinking Wheel to think about opportunities in the world of work and careers and how are they linked to school
Teachers make links between their subject and the world of work
Parents learn how to share their experiences of the world of work
Enquiry 2 - The benefits and rewards of academic success – a look at HE
Students use the Thinking Wheel to investigate the world of university
Teachers plan how to incorporate links to HE in lessons
Parents are provided with discussion points and activities linked to HE
Enquiry 3 - So what can I do now to prepare?
Students build their e-portfolio, draft a CV and write a personal statement to pitch for a work experience placement or course
Teachers and Parents provide opportunities to develop personal achievements for their portfolios

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