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This second edition of The Child Protection and Safeguarding Handbook for Schools provides schools with updated information about the ever- changing world of child protection. Its aim is to support head teachers, designated senior persons and all school staff to comply with mandatory requirements, to reflect on their own practice and to do everything in their power to keep children safe.

The Child Protection and Safeguarding Handbook for Schools: Second edition will enable you to:

Know exactly what to do in an emergency
Be aware of the latest policies and guidance resulting from the Munro Review
Ensure your safe recruitment procedures are robust and up to date
Train all staff on what to look out for and how to manage disclosure from pupils
Work effectively with school staff and understand different roles with regard to safeguarding and how everyone works together
Manage allegations against staff
Understand what Ofsted are focusing on.
Summary of contents
This practical resource will show you how to:

Make child protection and safeguarding a whole-school issue
Ensure you are being compliant with latest guidance
Manage a robust safe recruitment system
Provide support and training for staff.
Chapter breakdown
The introduction of this handbook explains:

what to do in an emergency.
the importance of the role of the school
the development of a national framework for child protection
the recommendations of the Munro Review and how DSPs can make it work for them
the difference between child protection and safeguarding
safeguarding and well-being
Section 1: A shared responsibility
Section 1 takes you through the school's role in protecting children from harm. It covers:

how child protection and safeguarding should be tackled through each stage of the curriculum
how social and emotional learning helps with your goal
school inspections and self-assessment
staff issues – such as staff knowledge and training, including a quick guide for staff
your role and the roles of the headteacher, and the governing body
cooperation between agencies as well as parents
what happens when a referral is made
Section 2: Essential toolkit for the designated person
This section focuses on school policies and procedures and takes you through the legislation and guidance including:

basic legal requirements and references
confidentiality and information sharing
off the premises protection
training requirements for your school's staff
implementing a safer recruitment process
what to do when allegations are made against staff members
how to recognise abuse
how to respond to concerns about a child
guidance on referring to social services
listening and talking to children
Section 3: Special considerations
In section 3 we look at children who are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect such as children with SEND. The section also includes:

information on sexually concerning behaviour
additional information for independent schools, academies and free schools
additional information for residential special schools
Section 4: Training, support and further information
This section provides you and your colleagues with the support you need including:

support directory for staff – a quick guide booklet that can be handed out to staff including 'how to respond to an emergency' and 'child protection responsibilities and entitlements of all staff and volunteers'
awareness training presentation with notes
awareness training – tutor guidance
child protection training presentation with notes
child protection training – tutor guidance.

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