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The Creative Primary Curriculum is a step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter guide to developing your school’s curriculum
An excellent and highly relevant curriculum will generate excitement right at the heart of teaching and learning, as both the teachers and children enjoy where their learning will take them. This is the ethos at the heart of The Creative Primary Curriculum.

This exciting resource shows you how to build a curriculum to the individual orders of your community. By the time you’ve finished, your curriculum will be custom-made, meeting the needs of the individuals in your s
chool and complementing the community it serves. It will ensure that what you teach and how you teach it are relevant, pertinent and up-to-date.

The Creative Primary Curriculum will help you to let go of your more prescriptive planning, allowing you to make broad curriculum changes for the benefit of staff and pupils. It will encourage you as a school community to work together to create a curriculum that is relevant and forward thinking. The process will be consultative, enlightening and perhaps, even enjoyable! It will help you to assess your progress, recognise the impacts on teaching and learning and help you to plan the basis of a curriculum that is fluid and can coherently evolve.

The Creative Primary Curriculum is designed for the senior manager with responsibility for learning and teaching.

The Creative Primary Curriculum will:

show you what a creative curriculum might look like – and how it can benefit your school and the learning experiences of your pupils
empower you to begin the process of curriculum change – by using the exemplar planning and case studies from other schools
break down the process of change – stage-by-stage, chapter-by-chapter, including how to consult widely with your parents, governors and pupils, how to introduce change and how to guide and support staff to build their confidence
help you to identify what good practice actually is – through examples and definitions from the National College for School Leadership, Ofsted and the Department for Children, Schools and Families
offer you long- and medium-term exemplars – and ideas for you to use as your starting points and trials or to adapt into your own plans
help you to recognise your own progress – with regular review points giving opportunities for you and staff to identify successes and use them to move further forward.

Summary of contents
The Creative Primary Curriculum offers practical solutions to the process of building a creative curriculum. It works in a progressive and complementary way, with each chapter building on the work done in previous chapters. There are two main sections to the resource:

Building a new curriculum and leading change – the first section consists of nine chapters that lead you through a year-long process of building a creative curriculum. If you have already started on the journey, you can dip in wherever appropriate, selecting relevant ideas to try and proceeding at your own pace. This section also focuses on people management and leading change.
Exemplar curriculum planning – the second section is dedicated to curriculum planning for years 1 to 6. The plans demonstrate a system of curriculum design and can be used either as an example of a process or can be adopted for use in your school, in an edited form. They are not designed to be adopted and used wholesale, as this rather negates the concept of designing your own curriculum, but they are included to help, support thinking and to inspire. There are two sets of plans for each year group, one based on QCDA schemes of work and one based on National Curriculum learning outcomes: you can use either or both, depending on your preference. Either way, by considering these plans you will understand the process of how they were devised and will be able to create your own versions.
It's not a one-size fits all model
The Creative Primary Curriculum isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to curriculum development, but its principles and examples of effective curriculum and change management will help you to steer a course forward. So, no matter what political change may lie ahead, the principles within the resource will enable you to consider your options and progress on your own terms and in a way that is relevant to your school.

You may choose to cherry-pick elements of the resource that match your current position in school development planning or you may go from beginning to end, following the entire process of school change, but either way you will benefit from the practical advice and strategies on offer.

The structure of the resource allows you to stop at key points in the process, to reflect and learn from mistakes and build on successes. You may find that you have completed some of the exercises already and so can start a little further on, or you may want to start completely from the beginning. Whichever way you choose to use the book, it will serve as a working document and a guide to support the changes taking place.

No matter where you are in the process, the basic premise of a creative curriculum needs to be at the forefront of your planning process and consequently regularly revisited to ensure that the practice and outcomes are consistent and maintained.

The Creative Primary Curriculum will also help you to assess your progress, recognise the impacts on teaching and learning and help you to plan the basis of a curriculum that can coherently evolve.

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