The Oxbridge Formula

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The Oxbridge Formula: How to get into Oxford & Cambridge for: Maths, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics, PPE... and more!

This book debunks the myth that the admissions process is impossible to prepare for.

While this book really does present you with a formula, it isn’t the dry, mechanical procedure that you might be expecting.

Chance of Oxbridge Success = P(a, pa, po) + T(a, pa, po) + I(a, pa, po)

It combines practical resources for developing passion, ability, and academic potential with actionable strategies for admissions test and interview success: a winning formula.

Admissions tests covered:


What's included?

• The Oxbridge Formula

• What ability, passion and potential are—and what they’re not.

The courses

• In-depth descriptions of all the degree courses

• An insight into the differences between them

• How do your A Levels compare to what you’ll do at uni?

• Qualities that might make you suited to each course

• Oxford vs. Cambridge: whose course will you choose?

Personal Statements

• Applicant profiles: mistakes to avoid and examples to follow

• Tips and resources to develop the intangibles

• Personal statements of current Oxbridge students, critiqued

• Books to read to enhance your application

Admissions Tests

• Admissions test essentials

• Extensive test preparation strategies

• On-the-day exam techniques

• Resources to help you shine at interview

• Realistic sample interview questions

• Mock interview scripts with analysis

• How to prepare for your first year at Oxbridge!


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