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The Panjango Game

ISBN: 0604565177018
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The fast-moving, quick-thinking, fun challenge game exploring the world of work!

Ever dreamed of launching a rocket to Mars? Or coaching the sports stars of the future? How about saving lives or protecting the planet? Explore more than 120 amazing jobs with The Panjango Game!

Up to six players race to complete a wide variety of challenges including Acting Out, Story Chains, Unscramble or Disaster Plans!

The game is designed for use by young people aged 8 and over in the home, or the classroom, and includes 24 challenge varieties, 10 mini games and information on 126 careers.

* Gives learning context and demonstrates the exciting applications of learning in life after school.
* Develops key skills such as team working, communication, problem solving, creativity and confidence.
* Encourages risk taking and helps young people to discover their hidden talents.
* Makes career learning more fun and engaging through an interactive exploration of the world of work.
* Opens minds, broadens horizons, raises aspirations and helps children find their purpose.

The Panjango Game features the following types of challenge:

Questions focus on the real world applications of children's learning - with some other fun questions added for variety. Question categories include: Word Play; Number Cruncher; Science Showdown; True or False; Missing Words; Odd One Out.

Action challenges get players acting, miming, describing and even hunting for objects relating to the world of work! Action categories include: Acting Out; Time to Mime; Unspeakable; Guess the Job; Object Hunt.

Team Play challenges require all players to work together to complete the challenge. Team Play categories include: Disaster Plans; Line Ups, Set the Scene, Story Chains, Tool Twister, The Name Game.

All Play challenges allow players to compete to win the challenge - or avoid being the player to be eliminated first! All Play categories include: The Rat Race, First to Fold, Letter Loop, Tools of the Trade, Unscramble, Word Association.

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- NEW BOARD GAME making it fun for children to explore the world of work
- 24 CHALLENGE VARIETIES to play with family or friends
- 10 MINI GAMES included - and information booklet on 126 careers
- DEMONSTRATES REAL WORLD applications of learning in life after school

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