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The Peer Mediation and Mentoring Trainer’s Manual will take you from the first steps in trying to bring the whole-school community together and identifying those young people most suited to be mediators and mentors, to training them in the required skills and then working with them to set up and run a peer mediation or peer mentoring service in the school, or better still – both!
The Peer Mediation and Mentoring Trainer’s Manual will allow you to make peer mediation and mentoring happen within your school by helping you to:

identify suitable mentors and mediators from among your students
offer the relevant training to mentors in their role as listeners and to mediators, who will not only listen but also help people to resolve their own conflicts
engage and generate support from the whole school in the peer mediation and mentoring process, from senior staff and governors to parents
empower those with a problem to find ways forward for themselves, and in so doing, feel better about themselves and perhaps also those with whom they may have been having problems.
Summary of contents
Mediation and other restorative approaches give those with conflicts or problems a chance to discuss what has happened and find a way forward for themselves. You and your school may already have active and effective measures and activities in place which are designed to help students develop a sense of self, build communities with their peers and deal with difficult situations. The next step is to train young people to support the staff and their fellow students in offering a listening ear when there are problems and helping people to deal with the inevitable conflicts that occur daily in a busy school community.

Using this guide you can bring about a practice within your school that will:
enable students to find support and help easily and to resolve conflicts quickly
teach staff to empower mentors and mediators to better assist students, rather than doing the job themselves
improve the school experience for students and their overall performance
teach students social skills that will be useful to them throughout their life.
Chapter breakdown
Peer mediation and peer mentoring – What’s the difference?
Peer mediation and peer mentoring – What’s the connection?
Links between a school council, peer mentoring and peer mediation
Circle process and circle facilitation
Young people as circle facilitators

Getting started: Generating support
Bringing the school community on board
Bringing senior management on board
Bringing colleagues, governors and parents on board
Awareness-raising session
Bringing the young people on board

Getting started: Planning and outreach
What is the role of the peer mediation and peer mentoring coordinators?
Factors to be considered in developing a mediation or mentoring service
What can we learn from other schools about peer mediation?
Identifying peer mediators and mentors
When and where will the training take place?
Outreach – Letters to parents

The peer mediation five-day training programme (incorporating a three-day introduction to peer mentoring)
Skill development through go-rounds, gatherings, closings, mixers and other games
Circle activities and games
Developing mediation and mentoring skills

Day 1 – Establishing what we need from each other and how we are going to work together
Day 2 – Dealing with anger: Our own and other people’s
Day 3 – Beginning to mediate
Introducing the mediation process
Managing the mediation skills development phase
Introducing the mediation process stage by stage

Stage 1 – Establishing guidelines and explaining the process

Day 4 – Putting it all together
Stage 2 – Hearing the stories
Stage 3 – Listening to needs and exploring solutions
Stage 4 – Exploring how to meet the needs
Stage 5 – Debrief and closing

Day 5 – Renewing the mediation process and applying it to group conflict
Group mediation
Planning the service
Beginning case work
Establishing effective record keeping, monitoring and evaluation strategies

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