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In recent years the breadth of tasks that both Deputy Heads and Assistant Heads complete has greatly increased. In the course of week a senior leader may have to interview new staff, observe current teaching staff, line-manage middle leaders and plan the options choices for a year group. Senior Leaders need to develop both their skills and knowledge to tackle these challenges and know in practical terms how to complete certain projects and tasks.

The Senior Leader’s Yearbook is about tasks, processes and simply about knowing what you should be doing as a senior leader, when, and why. Via term by term task lists it takes senior leaders through the various projects they will need to undertake telling them what they need to do and how they can develop the processes in a school to achieve it.

It guides the reader through each half term and offers advice, step by step tasks, checklists and resources that help school leaders in a practical way during each week of the year.

Create the systems that make your school outstanding with this practical guide to completing the projects and tasks required from a senior leader.

Improve school systems with step by step guidance and practical advice on how to complete specific tasks such as setting up an options system, running an open evening or developing school collaborations
Ensure your work encompasses all of the aims of your role with defined projects you need to complete and a check list to work through for each half term
Learn from best practice with examples of systems used by the most effective schools and how other senior leaders had worked through the year
Save time and resources with editable templates and letters for various tasks and detailed explanation of how to complete projects in the most efficient manner
Raise standards through continual improvement using self-reflection questions at the end of each section
Encourage whole school improvement by promoting discussion of practices other schools are developing in Senior Leadership meetings
Support high quality teaching and learning by running systems that enable you to operate a successful school
Summary of contents
Useful for those recently promoted to the post of Assistant or Deputy Head and also for senior leaders whose roles have changed through restructuring, this guide enables new leaders to follow methods used by successful schools and gives experienced leaders a fresh set of ideas and systems to consider.

It is divided into six sections, with each representing a school half term. For each half term the book contains:

Consideration of the opportunities and challenges that will arise during the half-term
A check list of tasks that need to be worked through, based on that half-term’s projects
A detailed look at each project and it’s tasks, and how to plan and complete it effectively
Reflection at the end of each project
As constant elements of the senior leadership role, the two projects of Line Management and Collaborative Meetings appear in every section, including sample agendas that can be used to run these effectively.

Chapter breakdown
1.0 Autumn Half Term One Introduction and Checklists
1.1 Performance Management
1.2 Induction of new staff*
1.3 Open Evenings for prospective students
1.4 Assembly schedule written*
1.5 Settling in evenings, Parents evenings and Academic review Days
1.6 Student target setting and tracking in place
1.7 Collaborative meetings – review successes developments from last year
1.8 middle leaders progress check meeting autumn term
1.9 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

2.0 Autumn Half Term 2 Introduction and Checklists
2.1 Curriculum Planning
2.2 Staffing structure review
2.3 Planning options and designing Options booklets
2.4 Identifying Key Stage 4 pathways for Foundation Learning, level 1 and 2 courses, G and T.
2.5 Collaborative meetings – planning joint curriculum initiatives for coming year and Quality assurance
2.6 Speech day/Awards evening
2.7 Mock exams
2.8 End of term arrangements/Christmas celebrations
2.9 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

3.0 Spring Half Term 1 Introduction and Checklists
3.1 Year 9 Options - including Key Stage 4 information evening
3.2 Collaborative meetings – taster sessions for students
3.3 Mentoring system in place for underperformers
3.4 Middle leaders progress check meeting Spring Term
3.5 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

4.0 Spring Half Term 2 Introduction and Checklists
4.1 Appointing Staff
4.2 Final Curriculum planning
4.3 School Improvement Planning
4.4 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

5.0 Summer Half Term 1 Introduction and Checklists
5.1 Rewriting Prospectus
5.2 Promoting good revision for year 11
5.3 Internal end of Key Stage 3 assessments
5.4 Collaborative meetings - Ongoing review of partnership student progress, planning for September.
5.5 Year 11/13 leavers days
5.6 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

6.0 Summer Half Term 2 Introduction and Checklists
6.1 Middle leaders progress check meeting and department improvement planning
6.2 Meeting schedule and directed time audit.
6.3 Transition
6.4 Timetable trouble shooting
6.5 Preparing for Performance Management
6.6 Putting the year to bed
6.7 Checklists by year, staff member and for review

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