The Ultimate Oxbridge Collection

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The Oxbridge Collection is the world's best-selling total walk-through for Oxford & Cambridge admissions - from choosing your college, writing your Personal Statement, acing your admissions tests, and preparing for your interview.

• Covers EVERY main subject group for both Oxford and Cambridge Admissions.
• Updated for 2022

• Packed with example personal statements, worked interview questions, and testimonials from current students.

• Master every element of your application, including Cambridge's SAQ, your school reference, and teacher's letter of recommendation.

Inside, you can find:

Course Profiles
: Written by admissions tutors and current students giving a complete insight into the subject you want to apply to.

The Oxbridge College Guide:
Written by admissions tutors and students from each college at Oxford and Cambridge to help you in deciding which college is for you. Covering everything from the clubs, sports and societies available, the rooms, college traditions and subjects as well as the catering options.

The Personal Statement Guide
: Know what to include and what to avoid.

A walk through from the very basics, with a timeline and planning advice.
Learn how to do your research, how to start the process of writing, your opening sentence, best approach to structure, content and conclusions. Learn from dozens of proven successful examples for each subject, each with written feedback from admissions tutors.

Work Experience
: Why you need it for your application, how to arrange it for STEM; Medicine; Humanities; Social Sciences.
After your work experience, how to gain a glowing reference, stand out from the crowd and implement it into your Oxbridge application.

Cambridge SAQ's:
Complete actual SAQ's from current students from all key subject areas, with admissions tutor commentary to help you write your SAQ.

Admissions Tests: Most applicants to Oxbridge will have to complete an admissions test, whether its the UCAT, BMAT, NSAA, TSA, LNAT, PAT, MAT, ENGAA, TMUA, ECAA, HAT, HAA, or CLT.

The Ultimate Oxbridge Collection shows you where to find 100's of practice questions; past papers and worked solutions as well as time-saving strategies and tips written by the top 10% scoring tutors.

Oxbridge Interview Guide
This section completely demystifies the interview process. Learn how they happen, where they are held, who runs them, when you can expect your invitation, and crucially - what they are for. Get a full breakdown of the interview process with hundreds of practice questions for ALL major subjects. Alongside the practice questions, read through the worked (and working) full answers to those interview questions to give yourself the best interview coaching available.

Reading Lists

We've compiled key subject reading lists recommended by colleges, tutors and students. Reading lists are vital in supporting your further development and reading to expand your Personal Statement and discussions at your Oxbridge interview.

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