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Thinking Through Geography is a resource for geography teachers at secondary level to create exciting and memorable geography lessons built on geography thinking skills. Teaching geography using thinking skills activities will develop transferable learning skills through interaction and independent learning.

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Thinking Through Geography will enable you to:

encourage independent learning
engage students in practising skills key to progression in geography
teach exciting and challenging geography lessons
enthuse students to think beyond their exams and establish a mastery of the subject.

Summary of contents
The book that started it all off and still a key resource for all geography teachers, Thinking Through Geography is a winner of the Geographical Association Gold Award and is described in the award citation as a book that creates ‘exciting and memorable lessons’ which would ‘engage, stimulate and stretch students of all ages and abilities.’

Devised by 10 classroom teachers active in the Thinking Through Geography Group, this photocopiable resource helps teachers create exciting and memorable geography lessons. It is about children’s learning and the way you can assist their learning in geography.

This resource is as much about professional development for the practising teacher as it is about high standards of geography provision.

Geography is a brilliant, exciting subject. However, our main concern is not with geography, it is with children’s learning and that is the difference. Geography should assist learning, not just be a load of content to be delivered, and it is this fresh approach that has attracted so much acclaim.

Chapter breakdown
Strategy 1: Odd One Out
Strategy 2: Living Graphs
Strategy 3: Mind Movies
Strategy 4: Mysteries
Strategy 5: Story Telling
Strategy 6: Fact or Opinion?
Strategy 7: Classification
Strategy 8: Reading Photographs
Curriculum Development
Appendix 1: Big Concepts
Appendix 2: Professional Development

Spiral bound, 225 x 297, 180 Pages

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Pub Date 2005-05
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