Transition: a Peer Mentoring System

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Transition: a Peer Mentoring provides a comprehensive school peer mentoring program for Year 7 to encourage Year 6 as they transition to secondary school. With the experience fresh in their mind they are in the perfect position to help increase self-confidence, awareness and social skills.

Summary of contents
Transition: a Peer Mentoring System has been developed from the experiences of the authors who have worked closely with a number of schools on the issue of transition. Through their extensive research, they have created a programme to reduce the anxieties experienced by pupils during the difficult transition process.

The book provides a comprehensive programme to train all Year 7 pupils with the skills needed to be ‘Buddies’ for the next cohort of Year 7. As well as supporting the new pupils, there are other positive effects of such a peer support programme, including:

increased self-confidence and awareness
improved social skills
a positive influence on the school climate.
Guidance is provided for staff on how to organise, support and evaluate the programme. The book covers areas such as the roles and limits of the buddy, listening skills, getting help, volunteering and developing buddy skills. Contents include full facilitator notes, activities, resources, and detailed guidance for staff on how to organise, support and evaluate the programme.

Chapter breakdown


Part One Setting the Scene on Transition
The Current Climate
Chapter 1 - A Review of the Literature
Chapter 2 - Research Conducted by Gloucestershire Educational Psychology Service Working Group
Chapter 3 - Introducing the Buddy Scheme

Part Two Training for Transition Buddies Using the Training Material
Summary of Activities and Resources
Activity 1: Student Empathy
Activity 2: Be Prepared
Activity 3: Objectives of the Transition Buddy Course
Activity 4: Role of the Transition Buddy
Activity 5: Limits of the Transition Buddy Role
Activity 6: Attributes of a Transition Buddy
Activity 7: Listening
Activity 8: Active Listening and Body Language
Activity 9: Active Listening – Encouraging Others to Talk
Activity 10: Encouraging Others to Talk
Activity 11: Speaker Openers
Activity 12: Questions and Clarifying
Activity 13: Considering the Effects of Giving Different Responses
Activity 14: Everyday Problem-solving
Activity 15: Help, I’m Lost!
Activity 16: Transition Buddies in My School
Activity 17: Volunteering and Evaluating

Primary SENCO Questionnaire
Year 7 Transition Pupil Questionnaire
Year 7 Transition Pupil Questionnaire and Findings
Exploring the Responses to the Questionnaire

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Pub Date 2008-10
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