Which Way Now? Interactive PDF 2022/23

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This best-selling workbook is packed with information in a lively, magazine style. The booklet is available as an Interactive PDF where students can read and complete activities on screen. The PDF is also suitable for in-house printing if you prefer. Which Way Now? supports the delivery of careers education, advice and guidance with up-to-date, impartial information about the range of education and training options for Key Stage 4 students. There are also case studies from others who have experienced this process, action points to take students through the steps they need to follow, tips and signposts for where to find out more.
You will also receive:
• A PDF of the ‘Parents and Carers Supplement’ that will support parents and carers as they help their children with their subject and career choices. This will allow you the flexibility to:
o print the guide and send it home
o make copies available at any information events that are linked to GCSE or other Key Stage 4 options
o distribute the file electronically to parents and carers
o add the PDF to your careers section of the school website, or your virtual careers library.
• A comprehensive Guide for Practitioners that is supplied as a PDF with each order, containing a scheme of work and lesson plans to help you to make best use of the activities in Which Way Now? The guide includes:
o Mapping against the Careers Development Institute (CDI) Framework (April 2021)
o Mapping against the Gatsby Benchmarks
o A section that shows how the activities in Which Way Now? can contribute to the PSHE Scheme of Work (2020)
o A new section for 2022, linking content to Statutory Guidance: The Baker Clause

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