Working in STEM

ISBN: 9781910135037
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Working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is one of a series of publications featuring a range of different jobs, professions and careers. The guides are well researched and attractively presented in a style that is accessible to young people. Each profile in this publication features information about:

• Qualities and skills – what do you need to be good at to be successful in this career?

• Starting points and entry routes – how can you get into this occupation?

• Work activities – what sort of tasks and activities would you be doing?

• Training and qualifications – what will help you to progress in this career?

• Pay and opportunities – a guide to pay and labour market information.

Each of the job profiles features links to organisations able to give you more advice and inspiration.
Each job profile is linked to a personal story from a real worker who works in the sector.

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Pub Date 2015-04
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