You’re Hired! Job Hunting Online

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ISBN: 9781844556281
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The internet is transforming the way in which the world of work operates, and those who understand how to make the most of the online environment are best equipped to progress their careers. For those who find the world of social media and online career sites baffling, there’s a risk of being left behind. This book explains how to use technology to your best advantage, giving you the tools to improve your digital footprint and maximise your chance of getting recruited online. Using real life examples, the step-by-step process includes: Who to trust online * Getting to grips with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ * Effective online communication * Making an impact * Finding vacancies and other opportunities * How to embrace technology in recruitment practice. With this easy-to-read advice you will be able to embrace how the internet is changing the world of careers, by having the skills to make the most of the career progression opportunities technology has to offer.

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Pub Date 2016-04
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