We're Sad to Say Goodbye

Optimus Education Resources has now closed permanently. All orders placed before the 1st August will be fulfilled.
We started this business with a passion for careers, and we're proud of what we accomplished. 
Some of the much-loved products that Optimus Education Resources has produced over the years may continue to be available. Please keep an eye on this message for any updates. 


If you are a software customer and need help with your licence, please see new contacts below:
eClips: eclips@adviza.org.uk
JED: enquiries@ckcareers.co.uk



Contact Us

Before you contact us, please check these FAQs that might answer your query:

For Customers:

How do I place an order?

Simply find the product/s you wish to purchase on the website, click add to cart, go to your shopping cart, click checkout, and follow the instructions on how to finalise your order. All orders must be placed on our website. Invoices will be sent out with your order. We are unable to accept card payments and orders will only be processed with a school/business delivery address unless otherwise arranged with our customer services team.

How do I request a copy invoice?

If you have received an order and need a copy of the invoice please request this directly from our invoicing team here: nbni.crcon@ingramcontent.com (please include your order details and delivery/invoice address in this request)

Where’s my order?

If you have placed your *order and are wanting an update on when this will be delivered please email our warehouse team here: NBNi.Cservs@ingramcontent.com (please include your order details and delivery/invoice address in this request) *If your order is for a non-physical item (PDF, Software, etc.) please use the contact us form below.

How do I set Optimus Education Resources up as a new supplier?

Please see our full supplier details form HERE. Please note that Optimus Education Resources uses a third party warehouse (NBN International) to process all invoices and payments. Please set Optimus Education Resources as a separate supplier to Optimus Education Ltd to avoid confusion.

For Suppliers

When can I expect payment?

All invoices are paid on 30 day terms. If your invoice is overdue please email: optimus.accounts@prospects.co.uk

If none of the above answers your query, please use the form below.