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Optimus Education Resources has now closed permanently. All orders placed before the 1st August will be fulfilled.
We started this business with a passion for careers, and we're proud of what we accomplished. 
Some of the much-loved products that Optimus Education Resources has produced over the years may continue to be available. Please keep an eye on this message for any updates. 


If you are a software customer and need help with your licence, please see new contacts below:
eClips: eclips@adviza.org.uk
JED: enquiries@ckcareers.co.uk



First JED

ISBN: 9786000019198
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Use First JED to tap into children's natural curiosity and encourage exploration of familiar and unfamiliar job roles. First JED provides job ideas and suggestions matched to preferences, talents, favourite subjects etc and allows you to browse and explore a wide range of different careers. JED has information on over 800 jobs (more than 2,500 career titles), all presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand, including more than 340 high-quality video case studies.

All information is written in an accessible and engaging style. Includes text-to-speech to read the on-screen text out loud, highlighting the words as it goes.

First JED incudes pre-planned lessons, teacher notes, ideas and worksheets for students, these will help your students to get the most out of First JED, and support teachers delivering sessions. These ready-planned lessons can go straight into your careers lesson or activity.

First JED is only available to primary schools. It is updated every year and purchased as an annual site licence.

First JED is available for a free evaluation.

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