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Careersoft’s Job Explorer Database (JED) makes careers information understandable, interesting, and engaging. It has information on 857 jobs (more than 2,500 career titles) presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand. You can try JED for free now.

Careers education and guidance is interesting when it taps into the user's natural sense of curiosity. JED has a 'get clicking' attitude with lots of pathways through the program, including more than 340 high-quality video case studies, pictures, quizzes, 'top tens', career facts of the day, and text. JED's quizzes take minutes to do, not hours, so that users can get on with exploring careers and thinking about what will and won't suit them.

JED is available as a site licence which covers every student and staff member at your site for just £254 + VAT per annum. If you're an adviser, and would like to take JED wherever you go, then a personal licence is also available.

New for 2019-20
Improvements to how JED does videos. They work, without plugins, on all browsers that come with recent versions of Windows, Chromebook, and Apple (including iPad). The videos now are a bit bigger too (higher resolution), for more detail at all screen sizes, including projectors and big screens.
Existing jobs reviewed and new ones added including drone pilot, sports journalist and learning officer.
New videos and picture sets including drone pilot and classical musician.
All factsheets reviewed. New factsheets added about T-levels, Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, and Further Education.

Your licence gives you access to JED, suitable for Key Stage 4 to adult. It also includes First JED, which is designed to appeal to younger users.

First JED is also suitable for use with some special needs groups, and has been used successfully in a primary school setting. First JED's colourful World of Work map gives interactive access to jobs by job group, representing how all sorts of different careers join together to create the world we know. Hover over the map to highlight the different areas and their descriptions.

Click on an area or building for a description of that job group and some example jobs with videos. Follow the links for a comprehensive list of jobs in that group.
Job-matching quizzes with lots of questions on the page can be daunting. The quiz in First JED asks just a question at a time. At the end of the short quiz, First JED makes suggestions for where to start looking.

As users explore various jobs in First JED, the program asks more questions about likes and interests. It asks these one at a time, based on what answers the user has given so far and what job they are looking at now. each extra answer helps First JED build up a better profile of the user and make better suggestions.

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