We're Sad to Say Goodbye

Optimus Education Resources has now closed permanently. All orders placed before the 1st August will be fulfilled.
We started this business with a passion for careers, and we're proud of what we accomplished. 
Some of the much-loved products that Optimus Education Resources has produced over the years may continue to be available. Please keep an eye on this message for any updates. 


If you are a software customer and need help with your licence, please see new contacts below:
eClips: eclips@adviza.org.uk
JED: enquiries@ckcareers.co.uk



KS2 Digital Resource Bundle

Publisher: C&K Careers LTD
ISBN: 9786000030063
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Introduce careers education to KS2 pupils with this inspiring bundle including posters, leaflets and access to a computer-based careers database.

Career Ideas PDF

Career ideas is a set of 20, single sided posters, linking school subjects to potential career ideas. Ideal for school displays and for careers education lessons. The posters are a great way to introduce pupils to a variety of job titles and encourage discussion and research of possible career paths.

Subjects include: art and design, computer science/information technology, English, geography, history, maths, modern languages, PE/sport, science and many more.


Job Facts PDF

Job Facts is a set of 20, double-sided, A4 leaflets providing information about jobs in a range of sectors. Each leaflet includes examples of jobs in the sector, information about typical day-to-day tasks, important skills and qualities and progression opportunities. There is also a simple 'What do I do next' section, ideal for completing in the classroom.

Job sectors include: animal care, building, catering, childcare, farming and gardening, garage work, sport and leisure, travel and tourism and many more.


First JED (Job Explorer Database):

Use First JED to tap into children's natural curiosity and encourage exploration of familiar and unfamiliar job roles. First JED provides job ideas and suggestions matched to preferences and allows pupils to browse and explore a wide range of different careers. JED has information on over 800 jobs (over 2500 career titles), all presented in a clear and lively way that pupils of all abilities can understand, including more than 340 high-quality video case studies.